East Orlando Medical Care is under the leadership of Dr. Navid Syed.

Dr. Syed completed his medical training at the Banner Good Samaritan Hospital and the Cart T. Hayden VA Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. After completing his residency in 2008, he started working as an Internal Medicine Attending Physician in various hospitals throughout Orlando, Florida. These included Orlando Regional Medical Center, Dr. Phillips Hospital, Health Central Hospital, Florida Hospital Altamonte, Florida Hospital South and Florida Hospital East.

After many years of Medical experience, he decided to open his own private practice near Florida Hospital East. The primary goal of East Orlando Medical Care is to provide the best possible and most affordable care in the area.

The entire staff at East Orlando Medical Care is dedicated to educating all patients that preventative care is the best care. Knowledge is shared with patients through the use of illustrations, diagrams, and one-on-one conversations. Patient satisfaction is always a number one priority at East Orlando Medical Care. Call us today for a free consultation.